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Economic Impact of Eliminating Pennsylvania's Minimum Milk Pricing System
The Board commissioned Ken Bailey Dairy Consulting to conduct a study to determine the impact of eliminating Pennsylvania's minimum milk pricing system.  The study concluded that eliminating minimum milk prices would result in

  • short- to medium-term 1.3% increase in fluid milk consumption
  • decrease in farm milk prices
  • bankruptcy for 57% of fluid milk processors with 66% loss in fluid milk processing volume
  • $182 million loss to dairy farmers
  • $717 million loss to milk processors
  • $2.8 billion reduction in state-wide economic activity
  • $683 million in lost wages
  • 10,047 lost jobs
Economic Impact of Elimination of Pennsylvania's Minimum Milk Pricing System

Resources for producers who receive termination notices

7 Pa. Code sec. 143.31(j) requires the Board to provide a list of resources for producers whose contracts are terminated.  The Pennsylvania Center for Dairy Excellence is the best resource on the internet for these resources.  We appreciate and thank the Center for maintaining the pages at the following links:

Stress & Wellness Resources 
Financial Planning Resources
Transition & Transformation Resources


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