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​                      PA Dairy News                                                                   Dr. Carol Hardbarger, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board

A Dairy Rapid Response Team
So, What Does the Milk Marketing Board DO?
A Refresher - What We Do
Are We Heading Toward Another Dairy Crisis?
Milk in Schools - Part 1
How USDA Prices Milk - Part 1
How USDA Prices Milk - Part 2
Part 3 - How PMMB Calculates Minimum Producer (Farm) Prices
Part 4 - How PMMB Establishes Minimum Wholesale and Retail Milk Prices
How PMMB is Funded
The Role of PMMB Monthly Audits
PA Milk Marketing Board - More Than a Name! (certifying weigher/samplers)
A Welcome to Our New Consumer Member
Why Milk May Cost More in PA Than in A Neighboring State
The Ongoing Questions about PA’s Minimum Retail Price for Milk
Another Take on Retail Milk Pricing in Pennsylvania
Retail Prices and PMMB
How Minimum Wholesale Milk Prices Are Determined in Pennsylvania
About OOP and Minimum Pricing
Processing Costs and Wholesale Milk Prices
Pennsylvania's Six Milk Marketing Areas
The Perils of Being King Solomon
PMMB and the 4-legged Stool
PMMB and the Four-Legged Stool Revisited
Distribution of the Over Order Premium
PMMB, Dairy Cooperatives, Over Order Premiums and the Law
Cooperatives to Add Over Order Premium Amounts to Producer Checks
Milk is Nutritious, Not Political!
PMMB Needs to Do Something!
We Need and Want Your Input!
How to Bring An Issue to The Board
PMMB Proposes Change in Dealer Termination Notification
Explaining the New Regulations on Dealer-Producer Termination
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
The Tin-nites and the Shingle-ites - a Lesson in How NOT to Compromise
Buy Local, Buy Pennsylvania!
A Matter of Perspective
Recent Data Stories about PA Dairy - Part 1 of a two part series
Dairy Farm Losses – How Does PA Stack Up with Others in the Top 10 - Part 2 of a two part series
Why Protecting Pennsylvania's Small Dairy Farms is Important
Cost of Milk Production by Size of Herd
Industry Changes in the Past 20 Years
Dairy Industry Changes - Part 2
Class III Milk Pricing and Its Impact on Farm Income
Revisiting Some Recurring Questions
The Farmer’s Mailbox Price - Explaining Who Gets What from A Gallon of Milk
Pennsylvania Sets the Standard – A Supplemented OOP as COVID-19 Response
Some Interesting Facts about Milk Processing in Pennsylvania
Why We Should Care About Dairy Exports
Immigrants in Pennsylvania and the Dairy Workforce
Playing the Broken Record
The Name Game
Just What is A2 Milk?
Why Vitamin D is Added to Milk
I Think I Want Some Eggnog!
Real Buttermilk, Real Goodness!
Teaberry Ice Cream - A Keystone Classic
Celebrating Ice Cream Month
Celebrating Dairy in June 2021, National Dairy Month
Is Nothing Sacred . . . Or Will the Grinch Steal Christmas?
History is Like an Iceberg - You Can Only See Part of It!
The Real History of Food Stamps
Oh, Happy Day, When Milkshakes Were Invented
What About Robotic Milking?
Shipping Butter from California to Pennsylvania
When the "Rules" are Broken
The Hidden Cost of Breaking the Law (TEFAP)
A Hard Lesson in Government for the People (TEFAP and Consequences)
An update on Federal Dairy Contract Bidding.pdf
PMMB Actions Going Forward with Dean Non-Payments
PMMB Working on Dean Foods Bankruptcy Issues for PA Farmers
Happy Holiday Season From the PA Milk Marketing Board
A Lot of Unanswered Questions for 2021
Maintaining a Healthy Environment
The New Dairy Donation Program - What You Need to Know
PMMB Response to COVID-19
Myths and Facts:  COVID-19 and Milk in Pennsylvania

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