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Weigher/Sampler and Tester Greenport Accounts

You will no longer receive a physical renewal form in the mail.  Renewals and new applications will be completed online.
With the online system there are two options for renewal.  Weigher/Samplers please work with your Hauler to determine which option you will use.

  • Individual weigher/samplers may register for a Greenport account and complete the renewal process
  • Haulers may renew licenses for weigher/samplers they employ 

You must set up a Greenport account to renew your license online. 
Your Greenport account must be set up by August 31, 2023. 
Instructions for setting up a Greenport account and fnding the PMMB security form are here


  • Step 1:  You must have an email address.  If you do not have an email address, set up an email account using an available service (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.).  All notifications and correspondence, including your license renewal, will be sent to this email address.
  • Step 2:  Follow the instructions to set up a Greenport account.  You will receive an email from  us telling you that the account is set up and that you now have access to renew your license.
  • Step  3:  You will receive an email notice and instructions to renew your license for 2024 later in the fall.

We are currently finalizing the procedure for haulers to renew licenses for the weigher/samplers you employ using your hauler Greenport account.
  • Weigher/Samplers will not need their own, individual Greenport accounts.
  • We will provide instructions to you once the procedure is finalized.

Please contact Fatima Roberge at 717-787-4194 or by email at with questions.


A person certified under §603 of the Milk Marketing Law.  A weigher/sampler picks up milk at farms.  It is unlawful for any milk dealer to buy or receive milk from producers based on the amount of butterfat or components contained in the milk, unless the samples taken for testing purposes are made by a certified weigher/sampler or a certified tester.  It is also unlawful for any person to pick up milk from farms unless the person making the pickup is a certified weigher/sampler or a certified tester. 

Weigher/samplers are certified based on their knowledge of proper weighing and sampling techniques as demonstrated by passing a written examination given at the time of initial application for weigher/sampler certification.

The Pennsylvania Milk Board regulates the economic aspects of the producer/handler relationship.
  The Milk Marketing Law requires the Board to certify weigher/samplers to ensure the weigher/samplers are properly weighing producer milk and properly taking samples of producer milk for payment purposes.  The Board certifies weigher/samplers on a calendar-year basis.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is responsible for regulating the sanitary aspects of the producer/handler relationship.  Among the Department's activities in that regard is periodic field evaluations of weigher/samplers to ensure their procedures meet sanitary guidelines.  

In 1976 the Board and the Department entered into a memorandum of understanding to coordinate and cooperate as to testing and evaluation of weigher/samplers.  Over the years since, Board Staff at times found itself performing an increasing portion of the Department's milk sanitation-related field evaluations.  At times Board Staff was conducting over 50% of the field evaluations and one Board employee's only duties were to conduct the Department's milk sanitation-related field evaluations. 

Due to ongoing budget and personnel constraints, including the retirement of the employee who was dedicated to performing Department of Agriculture-related weigher/sampler evaluations, the Board has terminated the memorandum of understanding effective July 1, 2021.  Therefore, Board Staff will no longer perform milk sanitation-related field evaluations.  Board Staff will concentrate on the Board's statutory responsibility to ensure accurate economic transactions between producers and handlers.

Further information regarding the Department's program, including contacts for weigher/sampler field evaluations, is available at the Department's website.

Active weigher/samplers as of April 2, 2024 - Excel
This table contains a list of weigher/samplers holding current Board-issued certifications. We will update this list every month.

Weigher/Samplers listed by Hauler

Milk Marketing Law Article VI Weighing and Testing

Bulletin 1593 - Termination of MOU re weigher/sampler field evaluations



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