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Subdealer or Subhandler

Any person other than a store or controlled affiliate who handles milk within the Commonwealth and delivers all such milk to consumers, schools, institutions or stores in the same containers as those in which it was purchased. 
To view documents related to Sub-Dealers, click on the appropriate link below:

                   Licensing and Bonding Requirements        ​Subdealer List                          

Subdealer license applications

Effective October 5, 2022, license applications (new and renewal) must be submitted online.
Access to the Board's online services requires a Greenport account and completing a PMMB security form.
Instructions for setting up a Greenport account and finding the PMMB security form are here.  If you already have a Greenport account, sign in and begin at step 12.  If you do not have a Greenport account start at step 1.



 Bond Forms:                                     Collateral   (Sample)                 Surety                    Letter of Credit

 Application Instructions:               Subdealer User Guide v1 102022.pdf
Survey Form:                                      Subdealer Survey